• Precise turning has been the major production art of our precise components. It’s defined as the turning process by removing away the unwanted material to create cylindrical parts. With just one work holding setup,we can finish any possibly complex turning project.In this way,we can typically reduce cycle time,and improve efficiency for your parts.


  • Stainless steel machining has been one of the major services of our CNC machining since 2007,the factory starting time.stainless steel is only one segment of the steel material,but stainless steel serves a large of applications from equipment for tough industrial fields to the brightly polished products.


  • As a CNC machining factory started in 2007,Yitong Machinery has developed numerous high precise machined parts from different industries. CNC machining is an ideal,cheap and high-quality production art,which can create out the rapid prototypes from plastic or metal without investing in expensive tooling. Through CNC machining,you can get the parts with tighter tolerances and better surface finishes than other prototyping methods.


  • Metal Machining has been one of the most popular metal-shaping production art for various different mechanical industry manufacturing,especially for the non-standard precise metal parts.


  • Our CNC turning is most suited for parts with diameters.The CNC turning part can become any shape with the secondary milling operations.The most often CNC turning parts we made are bushings,shafts,flanges,knobs,screws,and bolts.As the efficient process for small to large-sized. High quantity manufacturing, our turn and mill centers have helped a lot of customers for a variety of precise parts.


  • The custom machine parts made by CNC turning in Yitong Machinery has been the one of the major part in our production mode. Custom prototypes can be finished within as fast as 1 day,with using the live tooling,and we can get the slots,grooves,outside or inside threading and radial holes machined in high precision.