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Stainless Steel Machining


Stainless steel machining has been one of the major services of our CNC machining since 2007, the factory starting time.stainless steel is only one segment of the steel material, but stainless steel serves a large of applications from equipment for tough industrial fields to the brightly polished products. 

304 and 316 grade stainless steels are the most common types we use for CNC machining.The difference between these two grades is the 316 steel parts by stainless steel machining is much more corrosion resistant against chloride and better to protect against the salty environments like those at sea or alongside the coast. However we also machined lots of 304 precise parts for Automotive manufacturing.

There are two main factors to control if we want to get the quality precise parts by stainless steel machining, which are lubrication and cooling.Without well sticking to well control of these two factors, the tools will break faster,the machining item will become expensive and useless lump of steel.So we have to know when to use mineral oils and water soluble emulsifiable ones.

Also for the tools we use during the stainless steel machining. It’s necessary to find the most suitable tools for each project. Extreme loads, high speeds and sheer power are the foundation of stainless steel machining, the tools we use can help or avoid our works. We have accumulated full experience in what tools to use and when to change to new tools, so that we can minimize the rate of hindering by tools.