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Metal Machining

Metal Machining has been one of the most popular metal-shaping production art for various different mechanical industry manufacturing,especially for the non-standard precise metal parts. Of course other materials can also be accepted,we can supply plastic or resin precise parts machining. In addition to the increasing investment on CNC machining machines,the investment in metal machining tools increases much year on year,and the country wealth can be judged according to the amount invested.

The CNC Lathe Metal Machining from Yitong Machinery has enables us to meed a broad demand range of customers’ requirements. Routinely the accepted diameters of your precise metal parts can be 0.4mm to 80mm,and length can be 0.8mm to 500mm. Our experienced and skilled Machinists as well as our advanced machines are well qualified to custom the most possible complex metal machining parts. We are ready to machine your milled and turned parts,whether for small volumes ,or high volumes from whatever industries and whatever structure the parts will fit in.Let’s make a win-win.