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CNC Turning Part

Our CNC turning is most suited for parts with diameters.The CNC turning part can become any shape with the secondary milling operations.The most often CNC turning parts we made are bushings,shafts,flanges,knobs,screws,and bolts.As the efficient process for small to large-sized. High quantity manufacturing, our turn and mill centers have helped a lot of customers for a variety of precise parts.

Since the workpiece will be rotated near the cutting tool which moves in a linear motion with the workpiece, the CNC turning part in a single process will be a cylindrical shape. When it comes to complex CNC machining parts, it will requires different CNC processing technology instead of a single machining process.

Before to start the large quantities, we have the professional rapid prototyping services to test your new product in the secondary assembling or production. Low volumes of CNC turning part is always the step for each project. Once all sizes tests well, then we can proceed the larger quantities. Don’t hesitate to contact us,thanks!