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Precision Metal Parts

CNC machining from Yitong Machinery can help you finish your precision metal parts exactly according to the prototypes as confirmed.From the definition of CNC precision machining,it means the advanced production with assurance of a tight range of tolerances from your paper. 

As we all know,the precision metal parts are created from a larger block of metal through material removal,so we also call cnc machining the subtractive manufacturing. CNC can be understood to be computer numerical control. The CNC machinist make the code into the computer,which shall then translate the human input into machining movement. Computer-controlled system can make sure the high repetition and precision for the precision metal parts.

 Nowadays, the CNC system has upgraded the function translating the 3D CAD/STP models directly into CAM models,which symbolizing that no manual code writing is necessary,and the programs can generate the code based on the digital parts,then move forward to the machining of precision metal parts.


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