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cnc turning part

At Yitong Machinery, we make cnc turning part with consistent high precision and fast speed from the small prototype batches to mass ordering volume.Over the 15 years,we have built a good reputation for our non-stopped quality of the cnc turning and milling parts,as well as the on time delivery. 
Our advantage over most companies is that we undertake the CNC production completely according to the prototypes confirmed by our customers,so we can achieve a fast turnaround from quote to shipping of the cnc turning part.In addition,Additional services are available here,like deburring,polishing,drilling,as well as outside services in heat treatment,plating,glue painting,and anodizing,which are all our long-term upgraded partners.

If you are ready,contact us and you will get the satisfied services of your cnc turning part,with our professional options for the quantities production,thinking beyond the small quantities,and let’s begin a effective production cooperation.