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Precise Machining

With the tight tolerance low to one micron regarding to our precise machining components, Yitong Machinery proves itself to be a qualified machining manufacturer in China.The fuel rail connector parts machined for BMW over  5 years, the bushing machined for BMW ventilating system right now,just to name a few. All these projects are the actual reflection of our capability for your precise machining components.
The main supporting factors of our precise machining service are our experienced specialists,CNC machinists professional in programming,ficture design,inspection workers professional in quality control by using various measuring tools,etc. Yitong Machinery requires the precise machining machinists to proceed with a better understanding of a machininsts’ work-not just programming and designing fixture without enough focus on the customers’ intended design and machining tolerance capabilities,but maximizing the performance required.

If you are looking for a precise machining manufacturer with the cleanest and most precise machining services in ningbo,China,contact us now for more about us and let our team professionals to work with you on your precise machining projects.Later you shall receive the good precision components with the high repeatable accuracy demanded.