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Stainless Steel 316 bolts Ready to Ship

For this SS 316 bolt, there are 14 different specifications together. Just the screw bar length is different, other dimensions are all the same, In order to save time and cost for this production, we added the cold-forming before CNC machining, once dimensions are finished by Precise CNC lathes, like the screw, chamfer, etc, Machining center will be the final process to make the round slots in three places at one time. 

In order to protect the machined parts, we used the Suction plastic plate to separate each screws, so that to avoid any possible crashes. In order to 100% make sure the safe delivery, we use our own delivery track to send the parts to place of direct clients or to the shipping port.

For each CNC machining projects, we make strict plan and actions according to requirements from clients and drawings. Welcome your inquiry, and look forward to our further interactions.