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Milling chuck: Almighty performance

Milling chuck: Almighty performance
For applications that require quick tooling and high grip, the milling chuck is a good solution.
The milling chuck is operated by a cam action of a multi-row needle roller bearing to apply a consistent clamping force on the chuck.

The inclination of the needle is the key to grinding the clamping force of the chuck. Like a shallow wedge, each element can act quickly to achieve a strong wedge effect. When combined with a plurality of elements in a multi-row needle roller bearing, this provides sufficient clamping force over the large area of the shank.

Larger tool diameters allow more needle roller bearing elements to achieve greater clamping force. High holding force combined with a simple twist lock operation makes milling fixtures ideal for general purpose operation. However, compared to the chuck chuck, the jitter is reduced, but still better than twice the performance of the side lock system.