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6 Qustions to select a machining supplier

Several questions to select the supplier
When you evaluate your choice, do you ask these six important questions:

1)Does the supplier have the manufacturing capacity you need? If possible, please visit the factory floor.In the product development, marketing or production stage, 

2)Does it have manufacturing speed and ability to respond to quick orders?

3)Does it have the smallest partial order? The number of orders for many production plants is relatively large, and if the number of parts initially required is small, it may be a high-risk, up-front financial investment. Find a service without a minimum limit.

4)Does it have the required level of quality control? The quality control of the medical grade supplier should be excellent, but this will increase the cost of commercial grade products that may not need this level of improvement.

5)Does it work with the materials of your project? Service organizations usually have the widest selection of materials and have the most expertise. They also often accept the material provided by most customers.

6)Does it provide design support? If you are not a manufacturing specialist, you may make suggestions or feedback on the manufacturability of your project.

These are some of the key considerations when product development consultant Perry Parendo advises on the assessment of potential suppliers. Parendo, founder of Perry‘s Solutions in Minnesota, has extensive experience in the medical, automotive, aerospace and defense industries.

For companies, midsize companies and other companies that have the ability to assess supplier capabilities, Parendo recommends working directly with the service bureau. For some smaller companies and companies without such expertise, brokers may be the place to start.