CNC Turning

CNC Turning is one of the most widely used CNC machines. It is mainly used for the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of shaft parts or disc parts, the inner and outer conical surfaces of any taper angle, the complex inner and outer curved surfaces, the cylindrical and conical threads, etc., and can be used for grooving, drilling, reaming and reaming. Holes and borings, etc.

Yitong Machinery is China CNC Turning Manufacturers & Suppliers, whether it's for your manufacturing project, or for wholesale, welcome to contact us for your custom precise parts, which is mainly used in automotive, wind power, electrical industry, etc. Our factory In Stock Has durable for you. Welcome to wholesale High Quality products and buy Cheap products from our companies, we will provide you with a Free Sample or Quotation, offering Low Price to you.

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  • We continually invest in our tooling, equipment and precision turning methods and are supported by a continuous tooling maintenance program. Our latest technology allows us to work with a 24/7 lights out operating capability.

  • we have been producing the highest quality CNC turning services and turned parts for over 10 years. During this time, we have built a reputation for quality and service, serving domestic and international customers in lighting, automotive, electronics and telecommunications industries. Component design can be discussed and modeled in 3D using the latest solid CAD software. The design can be exported to our CAM package for processing simulation or printing on a 3D printer. We have an impressive array of state-of-the-art CNC equipment, all controlled by the latest programmable DNC system.

  • We manufacture all components according to your drawing using all common materials a maximum diameter of 4-65 mm, the largest of . the length can be up to 600 mm. We mainly process free cutting and stainless steel as well as aluminum. Precision Turned Parts Depending on the size of the series and the complexity of the part, we can also manufacture on multi-axis, CNC turning centers and Swiss-type automatic lathes.

  • Turned Parts Our business began from fasteners and standard components, but we have extended our capabilities to other aspects of machining, especially the non-standard parts We have precision turning, light machining and limited assembly capabilities. As customer demand grows, we continue to grow. Yitong Machinery is able to use a variety of materials and can provide CNC turning services to create industrial controls, medical components, engine components.

  • CNC Turning Jobs technology means that the material is typically rotated at high speed with the tool, and the tool remains stationary to remove excess material and create unique shapes and features. The design is specified on a computer using a CAD (Computer Aided Design) tool to indicate the contour and shape of the machine with respect to the design. This makes complex parts extremely reproducible. The use of two standard turning centers, as well as the "real-time machining" (when materials and tools rotate with each other) center, allows multi-axis machining in one process.

  • We specialize in working with our customers to custom, and deliver the highest quality CNC turning parts and components at cost-effective prices, providing the features and functionality to control the production easier and more profitable.

Yitong machinery is a CNC Turning manufacturer and supplier in China, if you are interested in price-competitive high precision parts, please contact us in time. The high quality CNC Turning services we provided are mainly used in automotive, wind power, electrical industry, etc.