CNC Milling

CNC Milling is an automatic processing equipment developed on the basis of general milling machines. The machining process is basically the same and the structure is similar. CNC Milling is divided into two categories: no tool magazine and tool magazine. The CNC milling machine with a tool magazine is also called a machining center.

Yitong Machinery is China CNC Milling Manufacturers & Suppliers, whether it's for your manufacturing project, or for wholesale, welcome to contact us for your custom precise parts, which is mainly used in automotive, wind power, electrical industry, etc. Our factory In Stock Has durable for you. Welcome to wholesale High Quality products and buy Cheap products from our companies, we will provide you with a Free Sample or Quotation, offering Low Price to you.

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  • This part is forging and Traditional CNC Milling Service for Ford Automotive Manufacturer.We announced 2 shifts for this project.The CNC milling part is applied in the engine system,and we invested in several more machining centers for the production.

  • This durable Precision Milling component is made for one of biggest Japanese Automotive part manufacturer,and the key dimension need to be strictly controlled is the positional tolerance.The production equipment for this durable precision milling component is our 4 axis machining center

  • CNC Milling Jobs is a rotating tool chip manufacturing process. On the other hand, when opened, the workpiece rotates about its own axis. Since we are a milling factory, we produce high quality CNC milling parts. The maximum piece size is about 1000 x 800 mm. As for materials for turning, titanium, aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel and bronze materials as well as special materials can be used. We use the 4 axis machining center now.

  • For the past 10 years, we have been providing precision turning and precision milling parts for the regional and international industries. The close cooperation between our esteemed customers and our experienced staff lays the foundation for a defined relationship between reliability and quality.

  • The following is about Custom Metal Milling related, I hope to help you better understand Custom Metal Milling.

  • High Speed Milling Material: stainless steel,and almost all metals available. Size: according to your drawings. Tolerance: according to your designs,and much better even. High Speed Milling Application: Automotive industry.

Yitong machinery is a CNC Turning manufacturer and supplier in China, if you are interested in price-competitive high precision parts, please contact us in time. The high quality CNC Turning services we provided are mainly used in automotive, wind power, electrical industry, etc.